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The Winter Capital of Poland

skiing and snowboarding
Adrenaline Rush

We take you to different ski mountains to show off your skills.


Ski & Snowboard

From beginners to experts, and professional ski athletes, Zakopane brings them all together. We recommend the following ski mountains:

  • Nosal The best ski slopes for beginners.
  • Szymoszkowa Recommended for intermediate skiers.
  • Harenda Intermediate and advanced skiers will enjoy their skiing on Harenda.
  • Kasprowy Wierch Great tracks for advanced skiers and snowboarders.
Zakopane City Guide
Top 5

Must-do things in Zakopane. We do not want you miss anything.


Zakopane TOP 5

Zakopane is a small town; however, it offers many attractions. We recommend the following:

  • Krupówki street The main pedestrian zone of Zakopane, full of shops, restaurants, clubs, and a local market. This is where the post office, banks as well as exchange offices are situated. In the season the place gets extremely crowded.
  • Cable Car to Mount Kasprowy All year, it offers the most spectacular views from the mountains. It is enjoyable for both adults, and kids.
  • Morskie Oko This amazing place is worth recommending and easily accessible to less experienced hikers.
  • Regle valleys The Tatras can be as beautiful in the rain as in the sun, and will guarantee no crowds on the trails.
  • Tatra National Park We strongly recommend Strążyska Valley, which can easily be reached from the centre of Zakopane.
Mountain Culture

Discover hiking trails in Zakopane. Explore beautiful landscapes.



Zakopane has many mountains to be explored. We recommend the following:

  • Gubałówka About 2 - 3 hours. Take the funicular up the Gubałówka hill - walk along the top ridge (2km). Take the chair lift down the Polana Szymoszkowa. Back to the town along the Powstańców Śląskich street.
  • Morskie Oko About 5 - 6 hours. The most popular destination is to walk to Morskie Oko lake (8km.) Walk around the lake.
  • Stanislaw Witkiewicz About 4 - 5 hours. Climb up the Nosal (1.206m,) hike down to Olczyska Valley with water springs.
  • Upper Zakopane About 3 hours. Walk along the Ścieżka Pod Reglami path to the entry of the Białego Valley.
  • Strążyska Valley and Polana Kalatówki About 4 - 5 hours. Explore the gorgeous Strążyska Valley with small shelter offering drinks and meals. Ścieżka nad Reglami path with nice view on Kalatówki Valley.
Day Trips
Salt Mines

"Wieliczka" is one of the most valuable monuments in Poland.Visited by over a million tourists from around the world.


Wieliczka Salt Mine

Price: 450zł

The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located in the town of Wieliczka in southern Poland, lies within the Kraków metropolitan area. It is about 100/120 minutes from Zakopane.

Beautiful chamber carved in salt, amazing underground lakes, and unique salt sculptures. Nearly 3 kilometres of winding corridors, 800 stairs to overcome and descent to a depth of 135 meters below ground.

A tour of the classic Tourist Route will be remembered for a long time as well as the corridors, saline lakes, magnificent chambers and chapels visited on the way. Among them is the Chapel of St. Kinga, the underground saline pearl dazzling with exceptional brilliance.

Events & Festivals
City Events

One of the town's best loved events.The Festival of Highland Folklore.



It is the most important cultural event organized in Zakopane every August, since 1965. In the beginning, the folk groups were just a small element of a wide ranging programme.

In 1968, folk groups from other countries were invited to take part alongside their Polish counterparts, thus the first truly international festival was born. Initially all the folk groups competed in one single category and vied for one prize - the golden Highlanders axe.

Historic Landmarks
Niedzica Castle

The castle is on Lake Czorstyn, near the Dunajec Gorge, on the road to Zakopane.


Niedzica Castle

Price: 300zł

The old Polish-Hungarian fortress Niedzica Castle also known as Dunajec Castle is located in the lake Czorsztyńskim Niedzicy. Visitors can hike trails in the Pieniny and Magura Spiskie actively relax in the municipality following the numerous paths pedestrian and cycling. A quiet area with clean air and spectacular views where tourists can find a paradise. Varied accommodation facilities of tourist farms by hotels, guest houses after a castle is the perfect base in nearby Pieniny, Tatra Mountains and Gorce.

  • Spływ Przełomem Dunajca.
  • 50 minut + ok.2/3 godziny oczekiwania/ Powrót – ok.80 minut.

The outline of Niedzica Castle can best be viewed from the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle on the other side of the lake. It is known as one of the most picturesque castles in the country and adorns the covers of many books.

Thermal Pools
Heated Pools

The water is warm all year round.Take a break from the cold weather.


Thermal Pools & Water Parks

Temperatures in Poland can get quite freezing. There are lots of ways to stay warm at Zakopane. The following water parks and thermal pools can beat the cold weather:

Białka Tatrzańska (wyciągi Kotelnica i Bania oraz Aqua Park). 30/40 minutes. 100zł
Szaflary (Aqua Park). 20/30 minutes. 65zł
Bukowina Tatrzańska (Aqua Park). 25/30 minutes. 80zł

Break the ice and stay warm!

Airport Transfers
Airport / Bus Transfers

Arriving or departing from the airport or bus station? Book your guaranteed pick-up.


Airport Transfers

We go to following airports:

Kraków (Lotnisko Balice, Dworzec PKP). 90-110/100-120 minutes. 350-400zł
Warszawa (Lotnisko Okęcie). 300/360 minutes. 1250zł
Katowice (Lotnisko Pyrzowice). 180/200 minutes. 650zł
Poprad (Słowacja) (Lotnisko). 80/95 minutes. 280zł

Bus Transfers

The following schedule is from Kraków to Zakopane:

5:50 7:30 8:00
6:25 8:05 8:35
8:30 10:10 10:40
9:00 10:40 11:10
9:30 11:10 11:40
10:10 11:50 12:20
10:50 12:30 13:00
11:30 13:10 13:40
11:50 13:30 14:00
12:20 14:00 14:30
13:05 14:45 15:15
15:10 16:50 17:20
15:30 17:10 17:40
16:00 17:40 18:10
16:30 18:10 18:40
17:00 18:40 19:10
17:35 19:15 19:45
17:50 19:30 20:00
18:35 20:15 20:45
19:05 20:45 21:15
19:50 21:30 22:00
20:20 22:00 22:30
21:35 23:15 23:45

Bus Transfers

The following schedule is from Zakopane to Kraków:

4:30 5:05 6:40
5:30 6:05 7:40
6:40 7:20 8:55
7:05 7:42 9:17
7:40 8:15 9:50
8:15 8:50 10:25
8:45 9:20 10:55
9:00 9:35 11:10
9:40 10:10 11:45
10:00 10:40 12:15
11:40 12:15 13:50
12:00 12:35 14:10
12:20 12:55 14:30
13:00 13:35 15:10
13:35 14:10 15:45
14:10 14:50 16:25
14:50 15:25 17:00
15:20 15:55 17:30
15:55 16:30 18:05
16:45 17:25 19:00
18:15 18:50 20:25
19:05 19:40 21:15
20:00 20:35 22:10
Welcome Aboard

Enjoy a smooth Sail through the Dunajec river on a traditional wooden raft.


Basic Itinerary

Price: 300zł

This is a full day trip to the Pieniny Mountains, (50 km far from Zakopane), that visits some of the most popular attractions of the local area with relaxing rafting trip on the traditional, wooden rafts (or more excited pontoon rafting recommended for more active travelers) down the Dunajec river.

  • Pick-up from your location.
  • About 1 hour drive through the Podhale and Spisz regions.
  • 2.5 hours raft trip on wooden raft, or 1.5 hours trip on pontoon.
  • 30 minutes break in the SPA town Szczawnica.
  • On the way back 30-45 minutes break next to the Niedzica Castle and the dam on Dunajec River.
  • Visit in 14th-century church in Dębno, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • 1 hour drive back to Zakopane.

You can choose between rafting on traditional wooden rafts or modern pontoons. Tour can be organized for you and your family, or friends.

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Price List

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Warszawa (Lotnisko Okęcie). 300/360 minutes. 1250zł
Katowice (Lotnisko Pyrzowice). 180/200 minutes. 650zł
Oświęcim (Brzezinka – obóz/muzeum). 110/130 minutes + ok.3.5 godziny oczekiwania. 450zł
Wieliczka (Kopalnia soli). 100/120 minutes + ok.3 godziny oczekiwania. 450zł
Kraków (Lotnisko Balice, Dworzec PKP). 90-110/100-120 minutes. 350-400zł
Spływ Przełomem Dunajca (Zwiedzanie XV – wiecznego kościoła w Dębnie oraz zamku w Niedzicy). 50 minutes + ok.2/3 godziny oczekiwania/ Powrót – ok.80 minutes. 300zł
Poprad (Słowacja) (Lotnisko). 80/95 minutes. 280zł
Białka Tatrzańska (wyciągi Kotelnica i Bania oraz Aqua Park). 30/40 minutes. 100zł
Morskie Oko (Parking Palenica Białczańska). 35/45 minutes. 100zł
Nowy Targ. 30 minutes. 100zł
Bukowina Tatrzańska (Aqua Park). 25/30 minutes. 80zł
Małe Ciche (dolna stacja narciarska). 25/30 minutes. 80zł
Małe Ciche (górna stacja narciarska- Polana Zgorzelisko). 25/30 minutes. 75zł
Ząb. 25/30 minutes. 75zł
Szaflary (Aqua Park). 25/30 minutes. 65zł
Witów (stacja narciarska). 25/30 minutes. 65zł
Murzasichle. 20/25 minutes. 60zł
Dolina Chochołowska (Siwa Polana). 20/25 minutes. 55zł
Dolina Kościeliska (Kiry). 15/20 minutes. 40zł
Poronin. 10-20/15-25 minutes. 35-55zł

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EURO TAXI is a company that provides taxi transportation in Zakopane, and across Poland. We have a fleet that can accommodate groups of 4, 6, 8, 15, and 20 passengers. All cars are air-conditioned or heated. We provide free maps of the city, and information about Zakopane attractions.

Our Polite Drivers care about appearance and cleanliness of our cars. We are known by our excellent customer service and attention to detail. Moreover, our drivers are trained to provide high level of service.
We strive to maintain quality standards which separate us from our competitors.
Drivers are equally dressed in company shirts.

We Are organized, and always prepared to handle customized orders. We are focused to provide a friendly service.

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